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about trustedtrader

About us was founded to provide a completely accurate, valuable and factual commentary on the entire replica industry. Fraudelent websites scheming to defraud the general public have been in operation for years. However, the latest practice involves these same individuals who have created contemporary review and profile websites mixing in some facts with mostly fiction to make their misinformation seem plausible. With the creation of the deceivers campaign has ended.

Trustedtrader consists of a small group of enthusiasts who have built friendships with one another via the replica watch industry. We have published this website to collect information on the various replica sites in order to assure that you the consumer are not subjected to fraud. We receive hundreds of emails per week from customers who have been scammed when paying with COD and money orders. We have compiled this information, including hours of due dilligence, with the knowledge we have attained through the years culminating into the most Complete, Factual and Authentic guide on purchasing replica watches online.

Thank you for the consideration, but we do not accept donations. Any site that purports to honestly review websites and then accepts donations is suspect and is easily subject to persuasian. We are able to maintain our presence by active banner exchange.

Disclaimer and its website, owners, operators, staff, employees, and affiliates, are not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with Rolex Watch Co. USA. We are not competing, or attempting to compete with Rolex Watch Co. USA. We do not promote nor encourage the sale of any products. All information on your website is to be used for educational purposes only, and cannot be used to conduct illegal activities of any sort.

By reading any of the material on this website, you agree to assume full responsibility for any actions and consequences arising from the use, misuse, or abuse of any information on this website. You agree to hold this website, its owners, operators, employees, affiliates and agents harmless from any lawsuit or legal action as a result of your actions.