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Are replica watches harmful

Are Replica Watches Harmful?

A lot of people feel conflicted about buying a replica watch due to the myth that they support terrorism.  We’re not sure where this got started, but it sounds a lot like misinformation that is commonly spread by companies such as Rolex, Omega and all of the other luxury watch brands.

Similar to the Big Five oil companies (like ExxonMobil who posted a whopping $40.6 billion profit in 2007) they will say or do anything to make sure their shareholders and executives make billions off of their product.  Recently we’ve seen a lot of disturbing news articles about replica goods whose detriment to society far outweight any harm that replica watches have ever done or will ever do.

An article from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates involves the investigation into counterfeit brakes, used in automobiles.  The scary part of this is the thought that an innocent motorist might purchase these replica brakes from an ordinary auto parts store or a mechanic and be completely unaware of their purchase.  The danger of these inferior counterfeit brakes is apparent, unlike replica watches which are not dangerous to the person purchasing them and, if you buy them from a respected replica watch store, are represented as replicas, not as the real thing.  We here at Replica Billboard are vehemently against selling replica watches and passing them off as an authentic Rolex watch; put simply, that is fraud and it happens all of the time, bilking watch fans out of thousands of hard-earned dollars.

Another story details the variety of replica goods that are starting to infiltrate America and is even more frightening than the inferior brakes that authorities found in Dubai.  Things such as cigarettes, car parts and even condoms are increasingly being sold, unknowingly, by shopkeepers throughout the US.  Tests have some these fake cigarettes to be worse than the real thing and the fact that counterfeiters would sink as low as making fake condoms is simply despicable.  These are all products that could kill, infect or even cause unwanted pregnancies for innocent people who don’t know that what they’re buying isn’t authentic.

Compared to these hazardous fake goods, replica watches look like Disney.  Anyone purchasing a replica Rolex watch from a reputable replica watch store knows exactly what they’re getting and there’s absolutely no risk to their personal safety.  In the end, it comes down to a personal decision and some aren’t comfortable with buying a replica watch for their own reasons.  But at least with replica watches it comes down to a moral decision and doesn’t involve the lives of innocent people.

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