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Whats New On 2017 Models

What’s New On 2017 Models?

Each year Rolex chooses to alter or update certain specifications on their watches as an incentive to attract more new and old buyers alike but also to thwart the efforts of counterfeiters. Rolex has implemented a variety of anti counterfeiting methods in their newest watches. Over the last few years there have been some major changes to some of the most important models. Swiss Replica manufacturers have had trouble keeping up to the many alterations introduced by Rolex. Until now.

2013 is a big year for the replica industry as New Grade 1 Swiss Replicas have finally hit the market which encompass these new updates. Most websites claim to offer 2013 timepieces however a close inspection of their website confirms that they are merely pointing to production year and not to the actual improvement of specifications. Look closely for detailed images of these upgrades since they are very simple to point out. From the websites we have looked at seems to be offering these new updates at this time. Other sites may follow in time but are currently only offering the 2004-2006 specs or earlier year models.

As of May 2010 some websites now offer cloned rolex movement watches that are even higher grade than the swiss grade one models. There are about 60 models to choose from and these are custom limited productions. The glow in the dark luminox has been updated and is now identical to an original. The overall construction has been improved and the quality is even better than the swiss grade one models.

Note: Due to an overwhelming number of emails we have received regarding watch repair issues, we have been in contact with an online jeweler who can offer his service at very competitive rates and quick turnaround time. He can handle repairs on most replica watches and has over 20 years experience repairing swiss watches. If you are interested please email us at: [email protected] and we will provide you with his details.

A sure way to confirm whether or not you are going to receive a 2017 model is by checking on the stainless steel being used. Swiss companies from Rolex to Omega to Panerai use either 316 or 904L Steel on their watches. All certified swiss grade 1 replicas 2008 will use 904L grade same as a real rolex.

“G” serial number between lugs.
Rolex itemizes their watches by letter for year and the corresponding number as its serial. “G” letter corresponds to current Rolex productions. The new serial numbers for 2015 have DUAL letters not just 1 letter in the serial number

No pinholes on submariner models and 12 Wrapped 18K Gold on all Gold Watches.
New genuine Rolex submariner watches no longer have pinholes on the watch case which is the same as a genuine Swiss Replica. Also, the all gold watches ie. Submariner, Yachtmaster, Daytona, Presidentials and Day-Dates come with double the gold content found on older quad wrapped watches!

As of May 2010 the new Cloned Replica Models are now available on a limited basis.
Entirely new moulds have been produced and the swiss grade one models have been updated to an even higher standard. Not all models are available but most of the popular ones have been produced. A few websites have these on offer and the price ranges between $1,100 to $1,300.

Closed 6 and 9 Date Fonts.
There is no more open gap on the 6 and 9 date font -O-Ring (Rubber Seal) – Older Grade 1 Swiss Replicas were without this important feature.

Rolex on Rehaut.
The 2015 models will have Rolex on the Rehaut (inside on the rim, rolexrolexrolex) Also submariner and gmt models will have a ceramic bezel option.

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