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Avoid Sites That Only Take COD & Money Order

Avoid Sites That Only Take COD & Money Order

BE WARNED!! There’s a reason that certain replica sites can’t accept credit cards!! They are not trustworthy enough to be able to get a merchant account.

This excerpt below is from a New York Times article dated March 18, 2011 in quotes;

“The strongest protections are when you pay by credit card,” says Carole Reynolds, a senior lawyer at the Federal Trade Commission. Under the Truth in Lending Act, consumers’ maximum liability for unauthorized use of their credit card is only $50, and when a card is used online, it’s zero. For extra protection against having your card number stolen, consider using one-time credit card numbers for online purchases, which you can often set up with your card provider.” Here is a link to the article:

Certain sites try to push COD over credit card payments, saying they are less risky and provide safety. The actual truth is the opposite; with a credit card purchase you would have protection from a vendor by being able to dispute the transaction. COD is a form of cash; and you are not allowed to inspect the package before you pay for it. The carrier has no liability for your transaction. By paying with COD you lose your easiest options to pursue the seller if something goes wrong. The same is true for any form of cash payment including Western Union and Moneygram. Do not purchase from online retailers which do not accept credit cards. The verification required to process credit cards online requires a deep background check. If you have had any fraudulent merchant accounts in the past, you cannot process credit cards as they are only issued to reputable dealers.

Be warned of any site which only accepts CODs, money orders, Western Union MoneyGram, or wire transfers. Once your money is sent, you won’t get it back if your merchandise is shoddy or if it breaks down. The retailer is free and clear since there is no paper trail that can connect them to the purchase. They walk off with your money, and you’re left with a bad product. Everyday we receive emails from customers telling us how they’ve ordered by COD and/or money order and there is always trouble associated with these type of methods. The most important piece of information to take from all of this is; If they don’t offer credit cards and they don’t provide customer support, DON’T BUY FROM THEM! It’s too RISKY!

We have also confirmed through (FEDEX, UPS, USPS, DHL) that they will not allow inspection of COD packages. It is absolutely against their policy as they are only a delivery service. These companies will not take responsibility for their employees to permit customers to open a COD package to inspect its contents before paying for it. Logic dictates shipping couriers cannot and will not take the risk and responsibility to permit individuals to do this. You have no protection with COD as you must release payment to the driver before knowing whats inside the package. It may be anything from a swiss replica to an empty box (We have reports of this). We ask that if you still have any questions you contact the courier companies direct. We strongly advise that you protect your money and if you are contemplating an online purchase you only consider sellers who accept credit cards or escrow service.

Over 90% of online shoppers pay with credit card. If the website doesn’t deliver or you do not received as advertised you can simply dispute the charge and get your money back. Keep in mind that only legitimate businesses can accept credit cards as they are licensed through VISA MASTERCARD AMEX and have proven to have a solid track record with their clients. Web sites that accept credit cards are contractually obligated to ship out what they advertise and what you order

Most credit card transactions are safe. Millions of internet transactions are processed every year. Only trustworthy businesses accept credit card payments online and if you can trust your credit card company
you can trust your purchase. Credit card companies insist on deep background checks and its an agreement that the seller is a validated company before they are given a license to process credit cards. All major credit card companies have billions of dollars underwritten in order to cover any kind of credit card fraud.

According to US law, once you have reported the loss or suspicious activity on your account, you have no more responsibility for unauthorized charges. Further, your maximum liability under federal US law is $50 per credit card — and many credit card issuers will even waive that fee for good customers.

These absolutely ridiculous claims about credit card phishing have come from criminal “cash only” dealers who have no desire to play by the rules as their only interest and motive is to steal your hard earned money.

The facts are:

Credit card transactions are completely safe as millions of internet transaction are processed every year and accepted by 95% of online businesses. If a problem arises due to fraud you are not held liable for any reported charges.

COD and/or Western Union are to be avoided at all times. COD requires you to PAY for the package before you get a chance to inspect it (Fedex and UPS are the courier not the seller) therefore you have no idea what you just paid for and nine times out of ten it will be an empty box. Western Union is even worse as you are blindly sending money to an individual with no contractual bind on the seller. They take your money and you are left holding the bag. We cannot stress this enough as hundreds of thousands of dollars have been lost by these criminals and we will do what we can to rid the marketplace of these despicable actions. Please understand that although we strongly recommend against COD purchases as a payment option for obvious reasons, there are companies who offer COD legitimately as one of many payment methods not their only one! If a site accepts credit cards, COD and escrow then this brings a level of credibility since they are reputable just for the fact they even have their own merchant account.

Whether or not you believe our information, all we ask is you research what we have written and you will find that everything posted on this website is 100% fact.

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