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Before You Purchase

Before You Purchase

Finding a trusted dealer online and follow these steps and you can be certain that you’ll receive exactly what you paid for. This excerpt below is from a New York Times article dated March 18, 2010 in quotes; “The strongest protections are when you pay by credit card,” says Carole Reynolds, a senior lawyer at the Federal Trade Commission. Under the Truth in Lending Act, consumers’ maximum liability for unauthorized use of their credit card is only $50, and when a card is used online, it’s zero.

For extra protection against having your card number stolen, consider using one-time credit card numbers for online purchases, which you can often set up with your card provider.” Here is a link to the article:

We continue to receive emails from people every day telling us how they have been ripped off when paying by COD and Western Union. There are many replica websites that are set up just to scam unsuspecting buyers. The Internet has no place for these kinds of criminals. There is world wide interest in Replica Watches, especially “swiss grade”.

Because of this, many scammers have set up multiple web sites that accept only COD or WU payments. These scammers collect large amounts of money in short periods of time.

They are able to get away with this and avoid fraud charges because they do ship their customers a product. However, they ship low quality Asian replicas instead of Swiss so that they can give a tracking number, thus proving delivery of merchandise.

With thousands of people searching the internet each day looking to purchase a replica watch, these crooks have found a goldmine. Customers are usually influenced by other factors, such as low prices or how nice they think the pictures look. You will be surprised how many people do not listen to common sense.

We cannot stress enough how unsafe COD orders are. It boggles our minds every time we hear that customers believe they are allowed to inspect a COD package before paying for it! This is a lie! Any payment other than credit card provides no warranties, no guarantees, no matter what anyone tells you!

The worst tale of all… People who think all replicas are the same. Please, we urge you to take some time to validate what we publish on this site. We know you will confirm that everything written on is completely factual. We receive gratitude daily for our un-biased customer driven facts.

There are many scams online and there is good reason to be worried but you shouldn’t panic. There are still reliable replica dealers, who consistently deliver quality products and can back up their claims.

Follow the rules bellow and you will never have to worry about your purchase, we guarantee it!

In addition to our very own reviews, you now have the opportunity to write your very own reviews and have it seen online! With the recent rise in “supposed” replica review sites we now allow YOU the consumer to post your experiences your feedback on the internet. This will give you more of an accurate review on the various companies allowing you to make an even better choice on who to deal with and offers another level of protection. Click here to post a live review.

BOTTOM LINE 1: Accepts Credit Card Payments
This is the single most important factor when deciding on what dealer to purchase from. You will notice from doing your research that most replica watch websites do not accept credit card payments. Many companies set up sites in order to lure unsuspecting customers into paying by COD which is totally unsafe. You CANNOT inspect a COD package, we cannot stress this enough. It is strictly against (FEDEX, UPS, DHL, UPS’s) policy to allow the inspection of a COD, they are strictly a courier delivery service, not facilitators of a business transaction. They will not take and accept the responsibility to permit customers to open a COD package and inspect its contents before paying for it. However do not take our word for it, we encourage you to call any of the shipping companies and ask! The websites that make these bogus claims do so because they cannot get customers to purchase via legitimate secure means such as credit card. Payment by credit card is the safest way because in order to qualify for a merchant account and become a licensed member of Visa/Mastercard and Amex, companies must undertake detailed background checks and have a very good credit history. Simply put, only trusted reputable companies and individuals will ever be approved to process credit card transactions online. Credit card offers you the protection and guarantee that you will receive what has been advertised by the seller. Companies that accept credit cards are contractually obligated to provide you with the quality and service as mentioned or they will simply lose the privilege and have their account terminated. The reports of credit card “phishing” simply do not hold merit. US law clearly states that any unauthorized charge reported by the cardholder is subject to only a maximum of $50 and in most cased waived by the credit card companies. This is a billion dollar industry and the major banks all have insurance which is underwritten to cover these type of fraudulent activities. It’s a thousand times more reassuring and secure to put faith in your credit card company and watch dealer who has been vigorously scrutinized instead of the dealer who accepts only CASH payments via COD and Western Union. There is nothing more distressing then reading email after email from customers who ordered via COD only to receive a $20 asian watch. We are not slamming COD purchases altogether, there are some reputable companies online that do offer COD as one of their methods of payment but not their only acceptable one. The safest method for online payments is with your credit card or via a third party such as

BOTTOM LINE 2: Accurate Specifications
There are so many sites using so many different specifications and descriptions its no wonder there is so much confusion.From 37 Jewel Titonic movements to 41 jewel Rolex movements there are many misleading and dishonest dealers out there. There are currently 2 different grades of genuine swiss made rolex replicas on the market. Older style swiss quality replicas pre 2004 era with no new Rolex upgrades and a base 21 or 25 Jewel movement. In order to verify that you are actually purchasing the latest model of Swiss Grade 1 Rolex Replica please make sure that the website in question offers at least 6 of the 7 main specifications we list below. If it cannot pass this test then it is one less website you should consider. Next step is to verify their payment options and confirm they have a valid contact number and a “real” person to correspond with. Below is a list of some of the new updates found on the latest Swiss replicas.

  • 904L Stainless Steel: Higher quality then 316 and 440
  • “G”  serial number between lugs which corresponds to Rolex year production
  • REAL Ceramic Bezels on Sport Models. Rolex now offers their submariner and GMT master lines the option of either a standard enamel or a 100% ceramic bezel. This will be found on true swiss grade 1 timepieces.
  • Thicker hands on Yachtmaster and Green Submariner models
  • Waterproof to 164 Feet
  • ETA 2893-A2 movement on GMT Master. 4th hand functions separately for setting of separate time zone.
  • New Oris ETA 2892-2 27 Jewel Movement which is an upgrade from the base 2836-2 ETA 25 Jewel Movement.
  • Closed 6 and 9 Date Fonts There is no more open gap on the 6 and 9 date font -O-Ring (Rubber Seal) – Older Grade 1 Swiss Replicas were without this important feature.

If a dealer is not offering these specifications on their swiss models then you are not receiving a 2013 Swiss Replica. You will receive either an older swiss model, japanese, asian replica or nothing at all.

BOTTOM LINE 3: Plausible Pricing
We ask that you use common sense when shopping for either a Swiss or Japanese replica. Many dealers misrepresent their product as Swiss when in fact they are shipping a high quality Japanese replica for a lower price. There are sites claiming “wholesale” prices to the public for Swiss between $400-$600. You will NEVER find a genuine grade 1 swiss for under $800, as the saying goes if its too good to be true, it probably is, this situation is no different. Solid 18K Gold is currently selling in the marketplace at approximately $1,000 per ounce so how is it possible that some website claim to sell swiss for $400-$600? Impossible!! Genuine Swiss Replica watches are quality timepieces, they may be replicas, but that really is not relevant since the quality of parts and craftsmanship is comparable to watches that retail for thousands of dollars in jewelry stores. The movement in a Swiss Replica is made by ETA which is found in authentic Cartier, Omega, Movado brand name watches so you are getting a quality watch that will last a lifetime. So when a site claims to sell “swiss” for $400 you should dismiss it as an obvious scam. You cannot expect to buy a genuine Swiss Replica for under $800, that simply is not possible since the wholesale prices range between $500-$650. Sure anyone can claim to offer you an ETA movement watch with sapphire crystal, solid gold 2-Tone bracelet and everything else for $500 but if they don’t accept credit cards then what guarantee do you have, you can be pretty certain that you will receive a Japanese replica or even nothing at all. Swiss Replicas are undervalued because they are not manufactured by Rolex and there is no apparent resale value. But what you are getting is a swiss quality product, the look and feel of a Rolex and most importantly a great watch. Regarding Japanese replicas, there are so many different qualities on the market that we recommend you follow our guidelines and site reviews when contemplating a purchase.

We have also discovered that the $500-$600 websites that claim to sell swiss are in fact selling grade 2 or lower quality Japanese watches. Have a look at their specifications and you will clearly see that their 2-Tone models are labeled as “Wrapped Gold”, well real Swiss grade 1 watches as you know, only come in solid 18K gold on the 2-tone.

BOTTOM LINE 4: Reasonable Warranty and Money Back Guarantee
Guideline number 4 corresponds with number 1 which goes to show you why paying by COD or Western Union should never be an option. A seller may offer a money back guarantee but when you have already given your cash away, you have no recourse if the company refuses to either refund or repair your product. Remember that the money back guarantee is only as good as the company who offers it. Always ensure that you are protected by a 100%, no questions asked guarantee. All credible companies that offer credit card payments are bound to clearly declare on their website a complete return/refund policy. Most websites allow 7-10 days for the customer to inspect the watch with the opportunity to return it if not satisfied. There are many misconceptions about warranty and repair information regarding replica watches. There is an urban legend that says “most jewelers will not work on replica watches and may even confiscate them”, well ladies and gentlemen that is a complete myth. Of course its at the discretion of the jeweler on which watches he/she decides to work on, but in most cases, they are in business to service watches and won’t turn you away. Also, they have no right to confiscate your replica since its your personal property. With Swiss Replicas, they use ETA movements which are used in hundreds of brand name watches so parts are readily available. The standard industry warranty for replicas is 1 year, if you see claims of 3 or 5+ years, its simply a selling point as most websites are not online that long in order to honor that warranty. A reputable company will handle any repair work and back up their product. If a problem arises after the warranty expires you can either contact the company who you ordered from or any local jeweler in your area.

  • Genuine Swiss made replicas come with a 1 to 2 year warranty
  • Genuine Japan made replicas come with a minimum 4 month warranty

If you are in the market for lower quality China/Asian made replicas we recommend you accept nothing less then a 3 month warranty, since the life span of most Asian watches is only a few months, you want to be covered in the most likely event a problem arises.

The real important factor about warranty policies is, no matter what company you deal with, it only benefits you as a consumer especially with Swiss Replicas to find a jeweler locally that you can establish a relationship with because they are invaluable. Even with a $1000 watch, the ETA movement may need adjustment over time and knowing that you can simply drop by your jeweler and have them re-calibrate the movement within minutes can give you peace of mind.

Note: Due to an overwhelming number of emails we have received regarding watch repair issues, we have been in contact with an online jeweler who can offer his service at very competitive rates and quick turnaround time. He can handle repairs on most replica watches and has over 20 years experience repairing Swiss watches. If you are interested please email us at: [email protected] and we will provide you with his details.

BOTTOM LINE 5: Customer Service and Support
Email the particular site in question and follow the time it takes for them to respond, most sites will not even send you a reply. Call them to see if you will get a live person instead of a dead signal. Our concern is ; if you do not receive the attention to detail before your purchase then what kind of support are you going to receive from that company after the sale if you have any issues regarding your watch. The established sites online will provide the consumer with multiple methods of contact support. We strongly advise you only consider a company that supplies a valid contact number with knowledgeable live person phone support, not a call center or voicemail. A few sites have gone the extra mile and offer live chat capabilities on their website with round the clock support, this is a great feature that many customers have raved about. Email is the most common form of communication on the internet, as noted above, some sites do not even reply to and others merely send a one line response. Email around and see if you get an automated reply or an actual detailed and descriptive message answering your question. After sales is the most important kind of support and what differentiates between the legitimate sites against the also-rans. This ties into Bottom Line 1 as paying with your credit card ensures that you will be receiving after sales support since the vendor is contractually obligated to handle and respond to any service issue regarding your order. This is why the successful replica companies online continue to receive repeat and referral business as they make the customer their priority and don’t treat them like an order number.

Be sure to follow all of the criteria compiled by our staff, always make sure that the site you are considering passes all of these tests and in doing so you will be assured of a hassle free transaction. If you choose to Ignore them at your own risk and you will most likely be sending us feedback of your horror story.

People are always looking for the best deal, but as with any high ticket item be sure that you have done proper due diligence. Please don’t pay $500 for a so called Swiss Replica because you will surely receive a $150 watch, and don’t pay $1000 for Swiss Replica if the dealer does not pass our checklist. In the end paying with your credit card is the only way to ensure that you will receive what you paid for. Sometimes saving a few cents, costs too much.

If you ever have questions we will be happy to hear from you, [email protected]

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