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What kind of Rolex replica are there?

What kinds of Rolex fakes are there?

There are three Rolex fake categories: Swiss Rolex Replicas (Grade 1 and Grade2), Japanese Rolex Replicas and Chinese Rolex Replicas.

Rolex Replicas
It is perfectly legal to posses Rolex fakes, although, many manufacturers that produce imitations are in violation of many copyright and trademark laws. Of course, consumers should always be cautious of scams involving the customer purchasing a fake Rolex watch that is reputed to be real. One way to prevent this from happening is to go directly to Rolex and inquire on reputable dealers in your area. Remember, be immediately suspicious of purchasing a ‘real’ Rolex over the web because it is probably a fake watch. Rolex refuses to sell any of there products over the internet.

Interestingly enough, some fake watches are better than others resulting in a trend of fake Rolex fakes. More likely, Rolex buyers that are in the market for fake Rolexes (believe me, there is a big market for this) are more often scammed into buying lesser quality fake watches from “genuine” fakes than purchasing fake Rolexes.

If you are interested in purchasing a fake Rolex, be sure you are informed on the three different categories of Rolex fakes that are available. These three categories vary greatly in quality.

The hierarchy for quality, from highest to lowest, for fake Rolex watches is as follows:

Swiss Rolex Replicas: Grade 1 and Grade 2
Swiss Rolex Replicas are considered la crème de la crème of the Rolex replication world and cost the manufacturer $300 to produce. These are known for their durability and smoothness in watch second arm movement (although it is still quite loud) and their quality of construction. These fake watches are so similar to the real Rolex, even professional jewelers often have trouble distinguishing the difference between replicas and the genuine article. Swiss Rolex replicas are not necessarily produced in Switzerland, rather, this designation refers to the type of movement inside the watch and from where the parts that make up the watch were manufactured.

More importantly there are 2 confirmed grades of swiss rolex replicas. Grade 1 features the same specifications as an original Rolex in terms of 904L steel, Solid 18K gold parts on the 2-Tone watches also the newer 27 Jewel movement with a much better power reserve. Grade 2 watches retail between 400-600 and come with a standard 25 jewel movement, wrapping on the 2-Tones and 316 or 440 stainless steel.

Japanese Rolex Replicas:
The second tier in fake watch quality are the Japanese Rolex replicas which cost no more than $40 for the manufacturer to produce. These watches are well known for being fairly priced for the quality. Despite the good reputation, Japanese replicas will not come close to fooling jewelers due to the tell tale signs of a fake including the Japanese movement and Japanese parts the watch is composed of.

Chinese Rolex Replicas:
Lastly, Chinese Rolex replicas are so named because they typically contain a Chinese style watch movement mechanism. These watches cost no more than $7 to manufacture. Although these replicas are perfectly fine watches as far as watches are concerned, they are poor fake Rolexes.

All watch replicas are mainly coming from China, including “Swiss Made” and “made in Japan” watch replicas. The movement may come from either China, Japan or Switzerland, but all replica watch cases and bands are made in China of which some are made better than others.

There is no such thing as an Italian or German replica watch.

This is a shrewd attempt by a dealer to inflate prices by a misrepresentation of their products as being European made. This is an effort to brake free from the general mental association of ‘cheap China made’ imports. What they are actually selling is Chinese or Japanese watches at inflated price or nothing at all. In either case it is a scam so be advised to avoid buying Italian or German replica watches.

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