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Site Of The Month

Site Of The Month

The Original Swiss Replica Watch Company at specializes in upgraded Grade 1 swiss replicas all with true specifications. They carry a large selection of swiss made replica watches. All pictures on their website are scans of the actual product. We receive countless emails from customers who rave about the quality of their watches. They also state that they have over 1500 detailed photographs of each model that can be emailed to any interested customer. is one of the only websites that offer credit card payments, and all of their prices include a GENUINE rolex box set and next day shipping. with all of their watches and their prices are very competitive especially with all the guarantees that are provided. They have received recommendations from other online replica review sites which all confirms a stabiling presence brought by

They are currently the only website on the internet that can special order other swiss grade 1 replica brands such as Panerai, Omega, Breitling and many more. The website is very professional, informative and quite user friendly. They provide two contact numbers for sales inquires and have different departments allocated for different tasks. also offers an impressive live chat service with round the clock customer support. Also, all watches come with 2010 upgrades including new 12 wrapped 18K gold on all gold models. 12-Wrapped contains double the gold content then older quad- wrapped watches. Also they are one of the few who carry 904L stainless steel on their watches, same as an original rolex. Some models also come with the laser etched crown on the crystal which is found on new authentic Rolex watches. They have also begun sending out GENUINE ROLEX BOX SETS with all of their orders, another reason why they are clearly head and shoulders above the competition. They have shipping outlets all over the world so international orders are also accepted.

New for all Swiss grade 1 watches are now shipping with real-genuine aftermarket Rolex dials and correct date wheels and fonts. These are the same used in the Real Rolex! is now also one of the few websites that is offering the new CLONED movement replica watches that have the same appearance as an original Rolex Movement. These watches are available on a limited basis but if you want a replica that is both perfect on the inside and out then spending a couple hundred more dollars will get you the exact replica.

Overall, if you’re looking for a swiss grade 1 or Cloned replica watch and judging from customer feedback we have received, is currently head and shoulders above the competition. Accepting credit cards brings great credibility to the company and legitimizes their product as they are licensed through the credit card companies and are contractually obligated to ship what they advertise.

Here is a breakdown:


  • Retails latest models grade 1 swiss replicas with true Rolex upgrades along with other watch brands such as Panerai, Omega, Vacheron and more.
  • Multiple secure payment options including next day credit card accepted.
  • Full guarantee issued with every purchase including an amazing 2 or 4 year warranty
  • New models now shipping with cloned Rolex movements
  • All gold watches now come with 12 wrapped 18K gold, which contains double the gold then older quad- wrapped watches. Stainless Steel watches now use 904L grade, same as a genuine rolex.
  • Amazing New Cloned models now available with look-a-like Rolex Movement


  • Slow loading website
  • Live Chat Support not always online

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