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Exposes Scam Ring Replica Watch Site Scams

Exposes Scam Ring Replica Watch Site Scams

UPDATE: One of the latest “scam” rings to hit the internet. These websites are all owned and operated by the same individuals with similar templates for all their websites. They are being promoted by fake forums (which claims to have thousands of members) on the internet used to promote their scam sites. They stress objectivity however when we attempted to leave a post on their message board it never actually showed up! This is why trustedtrader is the only true review site on the internet as we provide a real time message board that allows you the consumer to post your OWN experiences about the various replica watch companies. Customers have emailed us and the ones that did receive a watch, they were postmarked from China and quit operating within 30 days.

Warning, we have received countless emails from customers who have ordered from, and all affiliated sites below. Consumers have either received a $10 watch directly from China or absolutely nothing at all. These websites are all under the same ownership and have been orchestrating this scam for sometime. It has also come to our attention that some of these scam sites are now accepting credit card payments in order to trick customers into ordering. The twist is that their merchant account is based in China, which is a communist country therefore if you dispute a charge you may have trouble recouping your funds as its through an Asian bank which may complicate things. Our advice is to avoid all of these sites at all cost as it has been documented that they have been ripping people off for months now. They are not selling what they advertise and in some cases not shipping out at all. They have been linked to Russian organized crime and some customers report that through their due diligence have uncovered evidence pointing to the same scam being pulled through the sale of plasma tv’s.

These websites promote swiss replicas for $650 or less and claim all their 2-Tone watches are solid 18K gold. Solid 18K gold sells for over $1,000 per ounce so it’s impossible to get a 18K solid 2-Tone for that price. It is a very difficult scam to stop as they prey on people’s emotions, offering something that realistically cannot be had at those prices. What’s worse, some of them now accept credit card payments however their merchant account is based in China therefore it is much more difficult to dispute a charge when its based in a communist country. This type of racket brings in thousands of dollars daily for the criminals and leaves the consumer with absolutely no recourse. Due diligence shows that no true grade 1 swiss replica can be sold for under $800 USD, if so, you will not be receiving a real grade 1 swiss replica.

Also just looking at their specifications you will see that their 2-Tone models are labeled as “wrapped” when a true 2-Tone swiss grade 1 watch should be solid 18K gold on all the gold parts.

Totalreplica,, and all of their affiliated sites are a SCAM and we urge buyers to NEVER EVER pay under $800 when buying a swiss Grade 1 replica watch… scroll down to read for more…

People, do NOT “donate” money to this scam ring! They’re making a living preying on unsuspecting consumers!

Site NameReturns Phone Calls/
Ships Swiss
Phone Number
totalreplica.comNODoes Not RespondFRAUD
swiss-expert.netNODoes Not RespondFRAUD
perfectwatches.hkNODoes Not RespondFRAUD
amatory-store.netNODoes Not RespondFRAUD
bestowwatches.comNODoes Not RespondFRAUD
amatory-store.netNODoes Not RespondFRAUD
luxuryreplica.netNODoes Not RespondFRAUD
swisskings.netNODoes Not RespondFRAUD
replicaking.hkNODoes Not RespondFRAUD
replicamagic.hkNODoes Not RespondFRAUD
iparadisiac.coNODoes Not RespondFRAUD
xquisite-replica.comNODoes Not RespondFRAUD

All of the sites listed above are run and operated by the same scam organization. These replica sites have been set up for the sole purpose to rip people off by shipping $10 watches directly from Asia.. This scam has been seen on eBay and always for high ticket items. The latest twist to this scam is that some sites are now accepting credit cards but the merchant account is based in China so it is much more difficult to dispute a charge from a communist country. It can take months to resolve a conflict, that is why we are urging buyers to avoid any purchases from the above mentioned websites.

We simply urge people to use common sense and don’t fall into the traps. Whether you are buying a DVD player, a holiday or a replica watch, play it safe and only shop on a site which offers credit card payment and is on our recommended list as they have been verified by other customers testimonials.

Trustedtrader will continue to protect consumers and stick to reporting the facts. We thank all our readers for assisting us in uncovering this scam.

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